One Whole and Perfect Day
One Whole and Perfect Day
One Whole and Perfect Day
Judith Clarke
In this Michael L. Printz Honor Book, Lily wishes she could be like the other girls in her class. But how can she? As the only sensible person in her family, she never has time to hang out with friends. Someone has to stay home to look after her brother. Maybe she should fall in love! What could be less sensible that that? When her grandmother invites the whole family to a party, Lily cannot imagine how they will make it through the day. Her mother is always bringing home strange people. Lily doesn't even know her father . Her grandfather has disowned her brother. Her brother has a new girlfriend that no one has met. To top it all off, that day when her eye caught Daniel Steadman's just for a moment, she felt all woozy inside. If that was love, she isn't sure she likes the feeling. As the party approaches, all Lily can hope for is one whole and perfect day. Is it too much to ask?

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  • Adventure
  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Lily is the only sensible on in her family. Soon she finds herself acting like a parent or grandmother would, saying odd phrases and smelling of dishwater and steamed vegetables. Should she fall in love? She seemed to figure that everyone who fell in love weren't at all sensible, surely that would help. Daniel Steadman, a grade eleven in Lily's school, was who she had her eye on. With her Crazy Family and her Pop's Upcoming party on the way, she only wished for just one whole and perfect day!

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