ODINSALL: The Stolen Children
ODINSALL: The Stolen Children
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A boy finds himself transported to a strange world and must fight to save his first love from a mysterious kidnapper -this debut novel puts a fresh spin on high school fantasy with Gods from Norse mythology and a lover he has to save.

“What do you mean the world has ‘perished’? Who do you think you are kidnapping us and dressing up like Game of Thrones characters? Is this a new reality TV show or something?”

Val Jones was an average teenager until he became one of the last survivors of an apocalypse he didn’t even know had happened. Rescued by the Norse Gods, Val is unwillingly enrolled into Odinsall: a school specially made for students transitioning into the realm of the Gods.

But will he be able to survive in a school where the students are going missing and the girl he loves is abducted?

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Val is just a regular 16-year-old boy living with his mother in a world filled with plague and crime. One day while on a field trip with his school, Val's school bus gets into a crash, and Val gets transported to a magical world. He finds a large group of other children around his age, and they meet the so-called "All-Father". He tells them that their world has been destroyed, and they are now the chosen few who have been transported to the world of the gods.

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Odinsall: The Stolen Children is a book about a young teenage boy named Val. During a field trip to the once Viking inhabited town of York, he is mysteriously teleported to a castle. There, he learns from Odin, the main god in Norse Mythology, that his parents, his friends, and almost everyone he knows is dead because of ragnarok, or doomsday. Now, only Val and a group of other teenagers are the last humans left. They learn they were saved because they are closely related to the gods.

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