The Nine Jewels
The Nine Jewels

Gideon suspected it wasn’t a coincidence.

Ashton’s announcement of her plans to accompany her sister to New Delhi matched his own arrangements to catch up with his parents on their speaking tour in India.
But when he arrives, there’s only one thing on his mind. His mother is missing and he’ll do anything to find her. Even if it means negotiating with kings, transporting mischievous monkeys, and battling flesh-eating monsters.

Ashton’s temper flares when she finds out about the kidnapping. Maybe it’s because she can’t stand to see injustice or maybe there’s a little spark between the two of them that no one anticipated.

There’s unicorns, a mysterious stranger, and danger unlike anything they’ve encountered before. Welcome to exotic INDIA!

Book Details


  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

When his father’s speaking tour in India is extended to New Delhi, Gideon Hithersby, the main character of The Nine Jewels by Susan Badaracco, decides to join his parents in India. On the day of his scheduled departure, he discovers that one of his friends, Ashton, is also going to New Delhi with her cousin, who has been suddenly invited to study Indian folklore there. Although their reasons for traveling to New Delhi seem very different, Gideon suspects that it isn’t a coincidence that they are going to the exact same place at the same time.

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