Nicole's New Friend (Book 3)
Nicole's New Friend (Lady Tigers)
Nicole's New Friend (Book 3)
Nicole loves spending time playing softball with her friends on the Lady Tigers Fastpitch Softball Team. At first, Nicole gets along really well with all the other players, and they have lots of fun competing together. But things start to change when Coach Kory introduces Diana, a new player trying out for the team. Nicole immediately tries to welcome Diana and make her feel like part of the team. This plan backfires, however, when Diana responds to every one of Nicole’s attempts with a snide comment or rude eye roll. Diana seems to think she is better than everyone else, and by the end of practice, everyone has heard or been the victim of one of Diana’s mean comments. Nicole tries to ignore the remarks, but things begin to escalate when Diana has a pool party and only invites part of the team. Is Diana purposefully trying to split the team in half? Will Nicole be able to pull it back together in time?

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  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Series
  • Sports

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

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