The Namer of Spirits
The Namer of Spirits
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“A dangerous town carved out of unforgiving forest, a young girl who can name spirits and tame monsters, a race against time to save the natural world: The Namer of Spirits is what readers want and the world needs.” –Eliot Schrefer, New York Times bestselling author

In the frontier village of Last Hope, people dismiss twelve-year-old Ash Narro as a flighty child who claims to hear the true names of things.

But when enraged forest spirits attack, Ash shows that the names she hears have power. After taming a destructive forest spirit, Ash teams up with Fen, a wild forest boy, and embarks on an unusual journey to save her village.

In this steampunk eco-fantasy, the perils of deforestation and the power of friendship are explored through a fantastical adventure involving giant mistcats, tempestuous forest spirits, a supernatural puppy, and a girl with a special gift for shaping what things become.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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     Ash Narro can name things and not just choose names; she can give them their true names. She has a blanket named Nester and a bottle named Aisling. The names whisper to her. She can change anything into what she wants it to become just by naming it.

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Ash has always heard whispers from the world around her. She hears things' true names and their possibilities. By naming something, she can tie it to that possibility, essentially deciding what it becomes. Her village, Last Hope, lives in constant fear of attack by the dao fora, or forest fairies, and illwen, giant magical storm beasts with the power to kill and destroy. Every year, the attacks get worse and more frequent, but no one knows what is causing them. One day, a dao fora boy is captured and brought into the village.

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