My Homework Ate My Dog!
My Homework Ate My Dog!
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Rudy Berkman thought he was the luckiest kid in the world when his family moved to Danville, recently named "The Best City in the World." There is no crime and the schools are considered the best in the nation. The only problem is, all the kids at Danville Junior High act like mindless robots and his teachers seem to want him dead! When an enchanted homework comes to life and 'eats' his dog alive, Rudy embarks on a dangerous quest with his kooky grandpa and the school bully to rescue his beloved best friend from a greater evil than he could ever imagine. 

This action-packed adventure is ideal for reluctant readers, superhero fans, and anyone who is looking for the next magical story after finishing Harry Potter. 


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  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Special

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

     My Homework Ate the Dog by Derek Taylor Kent is a terrific story about 11 year old Rudy Berkman, who decides to light off a rocket he made out of boxes and accidently catches his house on fire. Since he’s gotten into trouble before, his parents think attending Danville Reformatory School will help, so they all move to Danville. It’s no accident that rearranging the town’s letters backwards spells out Evil Land. Right away, Rudy notices the town’s people seem too friendly, and the kids act like robots.

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My Homework Ate my Dog by Derek Taylor Kent is an exciting book about a kid named Rudy. Rudy burns down his house one day and has to pay for the consequences by attending Danville Reformatory, for “challenging” boys and girls.  Danville Reformatory turns kids with discipline problems to A+ students.  When the bully from his old school moves to Danville, will they follow the rules together or become A+ students like everyone else?

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