My Boyfriend is a Monster(6): Wrapped Up in You
Wrapped Up in You 6 (My Boyfriend Is a Monster)
My Boyfriend is a Monster(6): Wrapped Up in You
Staci Glass feels cursed--whenever there's a crisis, she's stuck in the middle. Now her best friend, Faith, has a new hobby, and against her better judgment, Staci conjures up the courage to go along. They join a trio of wannabe witches for a magical ceremony in an Incan history exhibit. Their chanting is loud enough to raise the dead, it seems. Why else would a shriveled-up mummy go missing and a mysterious;Incan prince suddenly appear? Prince Pachacutec--or "Chuck"--is a man with a past. He died tragically five hundred years ago, but that's all ancient history as far as Staci is concerned. He is everything she could want--kind, charming, and drop-dead gorgeous. But the witches aren't willing to live and let live. Will Staci fight for Chuck? Or do the witches have a point when they say reanimated corpses make bad boyfriends?

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  • For Reluctant Readers
  • Manga/Graphic Novel

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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In My Boyfriend is a Monster, by Dan Jolley, Staci Glass and her best friend, Faith, join three wannabe witches in a magical ceremony at a history exhibit. A shriveled up Incan mummy goes missing only to have an Incan prince appear. It seems that the ceremony had apparently risen the dead, and with it, the secrets to magic that the witches wanted. 

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