The Music Within Your Heart
The Music Within Your Heart
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After Sophia discovers her older brother's mutilated body in The Lake of Tears, she attempts to taker her own life at the tender age of thirteen. Halted by a life-changing encounter in a prejudiced community in California during the summer of 1963, she shares her life's biggest secret with a new, and questionable neighbor. Although this neighbor is battling biases and a disability of his own, he feels that in Sophia, he has discovered not only the voice of his generation--but a friendship unlike any other--until they're torn apart by a horrific crime. Due to hatred beyond their control, Sophia and her family are forced to flee, leaving behind her secrets and the young love she forged.

Can love reunite childhood friends ripped apart for decades? An unlikely romance, deep secrets, and a powerful gift sets the stage for a tug at the heartstrings odyssey of an unforgettable love story between a young girl and her risky soulmate, while answering this question: After years of setbacks can true love be rendered 5000 miles apart?

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Fifty year old songwriter, Sophia, looks back on her very troubled past. In 1963, she suffered from racism and prejudice by being a black woman studying in an affluent college in Marin County, California. Her mother has been institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital and her brother has been murdered. While Sophia loves her father, she learns some things that question her affection for him. She has a talent for singing and songwriting that she uses in local amateur talent competitions and now plans to display on television.

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During the summer of 1963, Sophia goes through some serious growing up. She is the one who finds her older brother’s mutilated remains while spending time with her new friend, Sammie, while they were walking in the local woods. Life instantaneously changes for her and her family. Living in a racist community at that time in Marin County, California has the family extremely unsettled because the racism and destruction to the black community makes everyone edgy and fearful for their lives at every turn.

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