Muddle Earth
Muddle Earth
Muddle Earth
Chris Riddell, Paul Stewart
Joe Jefferson is an ordinary schoolboy from ordinary Earth. At least, he was. But something strange happened when he was walking his dog, and now he's Joe the Barbarian—fearless warrior-hero, summoned by Muddle Earth's leading wizard* to slay ogres, wrestle dragons, and bravely confront villains.Joe doesn't feel much like a warrior-hero.** But evil is stirring in the heart of Elfwood, and the people of Muddle Earth need help (although most of them don't know it yet). Perhaps Joe Jefferson really is a hero after all. . . .* Actually, Muddle Earth's only wizard. And he's not very good.** He doesn't really look much like one either.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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A boy named Joe and his dog are transported to Muddle Earth, a magical world, while taking a walk. There, they team up with an incompetent wizard, talkative bird, and dull-witted ogre to make some money for their new allies. To do this, the wizard equips Joe with a warrior costume and hires him out to the Horned Baron, the ruler of the land. The Horned Baron has Joe do tasks for his obnoxious wife. While accomplishing these, Joe realizes that he must rescue the other wizards being held hostage by the evil Dr. Cuddles if he ever wants to return.

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