The Mouthy Prince
The Mouthy Prince: Book One of the Caradoc Series (Cardoc)
The Mouthy Prince
Sally Newton
The Mouthy Prince is an adventure story set during the last decades of independent Celtic Britain. As a man, Caradoc will lead the resistance against the Romans, but for now he must escape, survive, and save the girl he loves.

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  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Caradoc has been sent to a small cult of priests; you could say that are training him to become his father's, the King, advisor. The young prince does not want to become part of this cult, and has found himself a new love in one of his teachers. The cult at which he is located believes in sacrificing people and animals in honor of the gods, so when Caradoc's love is to be sacrificed he jumps into action breaking all the rules and saving the young woman. To save Caradoc and his love he must truke through forests and planes towards his father's keep.

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