The Mountain's Depths
The Mountain's Depths (Mysterious Mountain Series) (Volume 1)
The Mountain's Depths
The Mountain’s Depths is the first book, and in many ways the last book, of the Mysterious Mountain series. This series consists of seven books which tell of tales of exciting adventurous following one man’s extraordinary journey. Once a poor orphan working as a stagecoach driver, encounters a man who changes his fortunes forever. Years later, he finds himself propelled into adventure after adventure. Within the pages of The Mountain’s Depths , tells his tale of his first mountain adventure; an adventure which may very well be one of his last. His adventure leads him across the world, through darkness and danger, chasing the unknown. Need more of an explanation? Then perhaps you ought to read the book to obtain the answers of which you seek.

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  • Adventure

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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One day a man sees a gray mouse running across the floor, when he goes to get it out of the room he sees an old pocket knife. When he picks it up he sees a small map in the pocket knife. The map leads him on adventure to find treasure. This map leads to the top of a mountain, and in a secret cave there he finds a chest with a map on the bottom of it.

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This is the first book in "The Mountains Depths" series. The main character starts off as a young adventurer, and he is told he must find some mysterious thing. As he searches for it, he must overcome obstacles and deal with a lot of action.


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The Mountain’s Depths is the first book in the Mysterious Mountains series. The main character, an orphan boy, dreams of having an “adventure.” When he is young, working as a stagecoach driver, he meets a man who will grant him his wish. Years later, he is thrown into an adventure across the globe. His adventures may very well lead him to a great, ancient treasure. He encounters many obstacles along the way, including love. Will he live to see the end of the adventure, and perhaps continue on to have many more?

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