Moonlight Dunk Contest!
Moonlight Dunk Contest!

"Moonlight Dunk Contest" melds basketball fervor with bedtime magic in a barnyard dunk spectacle beneath the stars. Animals showcase their skills, with nods to basketball greats like Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan. Beyond the game, the story emphasizes friendship and self-expression. Its rhythmic prose and vivid illustrations captivate both basketball fans and bedtime story lovers, urging all to dream big and embrace positivity.

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Book Details


  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 3 - 5

Moonlight Dunk Contest by Michael P. Hamburg is a story that shows the world of a group passionate animals who are not just basketballs fans, but are avid learners as well. Drawing inspiration from their favorite teams, the animals diligently hone their basketball skills. Every night, under the moonlight, they put on their skills to the test in a thrilling dunk contest! Can the animals truly master and display the moves that they’ve learned? Dive in to witness their basketball fun and adventure!


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