For Money and Love (Mob Princess)
For Money and Love (Mob Princess)
For Money and Love (Mob Princess)
An offer she can't refuse. Kate Blessing is not your typical high school junior. She's a good student who's into guys and the latest designer jeans...and she's also part of the mob. Her father, Bobby Blessing, is the head of the family, and her mom, Amanda, is the brains behind the operation. Kate may not partake in the "family business," but she knows what goes down. She's proud of her family -- and of course, there are plenty of perks: her indoor pool, Caribbean vacations, expensive haircuts... But when Amanda gets fed up with Bobby's cheating and moves out, someone needs to make decisions, give orders, and keep things running. Kate has no choice but to step into her mother's shoes and prop her dad up. Bobby may be the face of the mob, but it's not long before the princess is running the show.

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  • Adventure
  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Kate Blessing is just like any other high school student. Except that her family's involved in various sorts of organized crime. It's nothing major--just scams involving knockoffs and pirated DVDs for the most part. But when her father's organization gets into trouble from a rival organization, Kate comes to her father's rescue. For the moment, at least. Before long, though, Kate's dealing with family problems, "business" problems, the SATs, and, of course, guy trouble.

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