Mindfield: a Paranormal Thriller for Teens
Mindfield: a Paranormal Thriller for Teens
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Take a gripping, action-packed roller coaster ride as Matt and Trent, both born with a rare gift of telepathy, embark on a treacherous adventure against the sinister Sokolov and his depraved plans.

One day, while playing video games, Matt receives an urgent telepathic plea for help from Trent. Desperate to find him, Matt enlists the aid of his friend, Hunter. They discover Trent’s abandoned truck, kicking off an adventure with far-reaching repercussions neither are prepared for. 

The journey brings them face to face with the mysterious Sokolov, a shadowy figure whose motives are anything but clear. He thrusts Matt and Trent into a web of danger and depravity, with plans to force them to use their talents in ways too extraordinary for them to imagine. Matt must employ his telepathy in a way he has never dreamed of if they are to have any chance of surviving and stopping Sokolov.

But it may be too late. For sinister forces lurk beneath the surface, and they will use whatever means necessary to achieve their selfish desires.

Contains violence and dark passages.

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  • Paranormal

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Mindfield: A Paranormal Thriller for Teens features Matt, a teen boy who discovered at the age of eight that he has telepathic abilities…he can read people’s minds.  For years, this ability though makes him feel isolated and alone, and he is forced to go through psychiatric counseling and therapy because his parents and therapists don’t believe in his special ability.  Alone and dejected, one day Matt stumbles upon a fellow telepath, Trent.  They discuss their lives and the similar experiences they have shared due to their special gift which

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Matt Storm looks like any ordinary guy, but mentally he is in a league all his own. You see, Matt hears voices in his head, and not the psychotic kind. He has a rare gift of telepathy, something he finds more a curse than a gift. Throughout the years, his parents sent him for all sorts of therapy thinking something was mentally wrong with him. Little do they know that the voices are only the voices of the people that are standing within three feet of him. While his parents are away on a cruise, Matt decides to go backpacking in a nearby camping area for the night.

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