Mind Over Bullies - A MOB Forms
Mind Over Bullies: A MOB Forms
Mind Over Bullies - A MOB Forms
"In this intricate YA tale, a group of teenagers with special skills unite to confront bullying, though they end up fighting crime, murder, and terrorism. Eventually, MOB evolves into a true crime-fighting band of superheroes. Reminiscent of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, the teens outshine adults. They operate in their own world more or less autonomously, sometimes cooperating with grownups, other times circumventing them. Filled with numerous side plots involving family history, a mysterious corporation, a rare disease, terrorist plots, and more, Smith's tale ties it all together seamlessly while continually sounding the bullying theme, which intensifies from everyday school harrying to a device for recruiting criminals. The conclusion sets up the next MOB exploit." - Kirkus Reviews

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  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Mystery

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  • 12 and up
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Mind Over Bullies - A MOB Forms

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Bullying is a well known topic all over the world. There are many different groups that try to put an end to it, but it seems they are only successful for so long. What if there was a group of mysterious masked persons who were more advanced and effective than the local police?

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Mind Over Bullies-A MOB Forms, written by D.K. Smith, is a fast paced, action packed, modern day thriller. Margo thinks people who are bullied are "weak." They let words get to them, never defending themselves, a constant cycle of mean words streaming from the mouth of the attacker. Margo has never had to deal with bullies; she is smart, popular, and pretty. When a close friend betrays Margo, shattering her reputation, she realizes how the "weak" feel, and she wants to stop it.

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Mind Over Bullies - A MOB Forms
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Mind Over Bullies has two themes running through the book: One is a counterfeiting scheme and the other is bullying. It is a book about teenager Margo Rios and how she handles both problems.
Margo has two friends, one of whom tells her a secret. When the secret is suddenly made public, Margo gets blamed, and starts being bullied as a result. At the same time, Margo and her newfound friends, the MOB, start investigating the counterfeiting operation in their city. This story is about more than Margo, though. It's about other teens, as well.
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In this superstitious story, marvelous Margo is a fit, popular girl in her school. She has her best friends Kat, Brenda, and Chelsey. She has the perfect life until she is falsely accused by Kat of telling secret information about her dad. Kat, Brenda, and Chelsey stop talking to her and start doing extremely cruel actions toward her. All of this causes a tragic event that changes Margo’s life forever. She forms a secret group with a few other bullied teenagers who want to get revenge. They call themselves the M.O.B., meaning Mind Over Bullies.

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Many people dream of a band of superheroes coming down from the sky to help them in their misery and pain. To many people, that is impossible, but not to everyone.


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