Memoirs Of A Play-White
Memoirs Of A Play-White: The Autobiography & Other Writings
Memoirs Of A Play-White
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Louiesa, an impoverished child, was raised by her unemployed single mother. She was employed part time as a student, earning a lucrative salary. The reason was unclear to her until she was confronted by a furious co-worker. The author explains how siblings from the exact same parents were classified differently and gives details about how children with a darker complexion were abandoned by fair-skinned parents. The author further explains in great detail, deep rooted segregation not previously exposed to the world during apartheid: how racial classification destroyed family unity and friendships. Forceful resettlement according to race destroyed family life and friendships. Apartheid was abolished for 1 day during 1985 and all races lived in harmony next to each other. For once in the history of apartheid blacks were given a privilege denied to whites. South Africa sent two contestants to the Miss World pageant representing whites and non-whites respectively. The outcome of the results stunned the National Party and the entire world. Blacks created their own entertainment with much success, attracting international stardom and subsequently departing from S.A. due to racial biases and political interference with irrational censorships. Journey with the author while experiencing her personal encounters: death penalty, gang violence, teenage pregnancies, alcoholism and starvation. She endured extreme weather conditions without proper clothing. This is truly an inspirational story of hope and transformation. Readers are invited to journey through the remarkable life of the author who dreamt of freedom from poverty barriers, worked hard towards it with dogged determination and succeeded. During the first democratic elections the ANC party did not win an outright majority due to the coloured votes. The author takes the reader on a journey into the lives of the coloured race during apartheid, sparing no detail. Louiesa Mynhardt is a self-made entrepreneur, founding member and Managing Director of Sterling Debt Recoveries that is a leading collection agency, founded in 1998. She has a 40% shareholding in this business. Sterling Debt Recoveries provides efficient, large scale services on a commission basis to large credit-granting institutions. She is a novice author who was born in Kliptown, Johannesburg on 30 December 1957 and is married to Harold. They have two daughters: Maxine, currently aged twenty-one is studying her fourth year Medicine in Europe and Hayley, currently aged eighteen is studying Accounting in the United States.

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Memoirs of a Play-White by Helene Louiesa Mynhardt is an in-depth look into the life of the author through the lens of a changing society and the history that created it. The memoir begins with Louiesa's grandmother's story and slowly evolves into the early life of Louiesa.

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