Mechanics of Life
Mechanics of Life

Quillian Watson is approaching the age of freedom and autonomy. But before she can celebrate, she and Dr. M--the human ­mechanist with whom she's apprenticing-­lose a child patient brought in for a mechanical arm. While the aftermath leaves her tools bloody, it tarnishes more than the brass-clad operating room.

One misspoken word corrodes what's left of Quillian's idealistic world, and she begins to doubt who she knows to be good. A visit from a high-ranking Madam--the woman who placed Quillian in her apprenticeship--­introduces her to the curious Grayson Holmes and his multitude of questions.

Missing prostitutes.

Stolen limbs.

And what do all these surgeries have to do with it?

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  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

 Quillian has been an apprentice for Dr. M for the last few years, and although she doesn't remember much from before coming to live with Dr. M, she is happy. She loves working for Dr. M at his surgery, where he operates on people and puts in mechanical parts for those who lose a limb. But when Madame, the owner of the brothel where she used to live, comes over with the mysterious Mr. Holmes, she knows life is about to get more interesting. It turns out that someone had been stealing limbs from Madame's girls. The attacks appear to be planned and happening for a reason...

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