Maid for Me
Maid for Me
Maid for Me
Feisty Mina Lin waltzes on glass shards when she lands a job as billionaire Jaiden Daniels's maid. What happens when Jaiden hires her to become his pretend girlfriend? Pretending to be in love with the hot Rich Boy is hard, when Mina's heart only beats for her boy next door, Kiterin Forrests. What happens when Mina doesn't know what her heart wants and a crazy Stalker is after Jaiden's life, and the only person who can save him is Mina?Find out in Maid for Me, starring Mina Lin, an ambitious, silly, funny, and talented Asian-American heroine who has even developed her own fighting styled called Mina-Jitsu. A fast-paced debut novel for young adults, by Kat Lieu. Filled with hilarious dialogue, suspense, sparkling wit and imagination-- a romance novel packed with action and humor!Maid for Me, Too, the sequel, can be found here reviews from Authors like David Henry Sterry and my ex-literary agent Maya Rock. Note to purchasers: Please review! I would highly appreciate any feedback so I can improve on my next books! Thank you for your support!This is an Best-selling ebook! Ranked Number 1 Feb 28, March 01, 2011 in the Category Children's Book, Humorous.

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  • Humor
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The story is about Mina who is under financial pressure and is given an opportunity to pay off her mother's gambling debt in the form of being maid/bodyguard/fake girlfriend to the wealthy Jaiden; or else she will lose her beloved late father's house. The summer's going to get hot because there is a stalker out there to get Jaiden.

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