Lucky Chica
Lucky Chica: A Novel
Lucky Chica
Berta Platas
Rosie Caballero hates her nagging boss, her "ditch-me" dating history, her second-hand wardrobe and third-rate job--nothing is easy. She can't even afford to pay for her dog Tootie's food. And then, Rosie wins the largest lottery jackpot ever: 600 million. Rosie can hardly believe her new life: she spends thousands on diamonds, makeup, clothes, and promises. Rosie parties like a celebrity―and even meets the hottest actor on the planet, Brad Merritt, who sweeps her off her feet and seems too good to be true. But he's not the only one in her dizzying world―former boyfriends, larcenous advisors, paparazzi all swarm around her, vying for her attention (and money). In between shopping sprees and photo shoots, Rosie has to find out who she trusts―and what money can (and just can't) buy.

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  • Adventure
  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Rosie Caballero is your average 24 year old girl. She struggles through her job, cares for her dog Tootie, and oh yeah, she just won the 600 million dollar lottery! When Rosie enters her new life of fame and fortune, she is quckly hounded by paparazzi, old "friends", and lots of greedy con artists. Rosie soaks up the advantages of being rich and gladly shares her riches with the main family she has left: her cousin Cheeto and her grandmother Abuela. There seems to be nothing in the world Rosie can't buy.

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