Lost Bullet
Lost Bullet (Traces)
Lost Bullet
Malcolm Rose
Recently qualified as a forensic investigator, Luke Harding is assigned to the slums of London, where he and Malc investigate a doctor's murder. They find a bullet wound to her head, but rain has washed away the bullet -- and all other clues. As more innocent doctors die, Luke's sleuthing leads him to a mysterious cult called The Visionaries. With no time to lose, Luke must infiltrate the sect and find the culprit before the bizarre shooting spree becomes an all-out massacre.

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  • Mystery
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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In book two of the Traces series, we re-join Luke Harding, a forensic investigator, and his robotic sidekick in London. The city has fallen into disrepair, and roaming wild animals are reclaiming the city. Amid all this chaos, a war between brown and white people rages. A white boy named Owen is shot and is aided at a hospital. His doctor ends up shot soon after treating him. Is this a brown vs. white crime? Is she killed because she's a doctor? Is this one of the random crimes that plagues London so often?

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