Little Pink Book
Little Pink Book
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Being a military brat means you are always the new kid, even in a military town. When Amelia literally stumbles into one of THE FIVE (a group of the most popular girls at school) and gets her hands on her diary, things get weird. Some of its strange entries match up with entries in her best friend’s diary—entries about embarrassing events. When, seemingly inspired, Amelia signs her name in it in blood, as long as she writes it in the now pristine pages of the book, she can eat whatever she wants...and more.

But there is a price, not just from the book itself, but from THE FIVE who want it back...

Available in OpenDyslexic font or DejaVu font.

Book Details


  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

Amelia just moved to Granby High from Okinawa, Japan. Being the new girl is always tough, but even tougher when THE girls are after you.

THE FIVE girls have the power to make your life miserable at Granby High, and unfortunately for Amelia, she bumps into THE Samantha leaving books, papers, and homework flying everywhere, making Amelia fall flat on her bottom. 

And not to mention, Matt was watching her.

Why can't Amelia ever manage to look cool in front of Matt?

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