Lighthouse Nights
Lighthouse Nights
Lighthouse Nights
Jules and Trevor take advantage of potential suicide victims by encouraging them and profiting off their deaths. When Jules falls in love with their seventh target, she's forced to make a series of life-or-death decisions and a single, impossible change. "Lighthouse Nights" is a frightening fairytale about haunting regret, maniacal hatred, the longing to create, and ultimate redemption. This fast-paced story is as touching as it is twisted, and highlights a disturbing new trend among American teens.

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  • Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Jake Vander Ark's Lighthouse Nights follows the lives of a very unfortunate couple who's moral compass has adapted to their Darwinistic worldview and of one sentimental boy naively seeking to better know the darkness of the world. Julie, our lead and a member of the couple, still feels some amount of ambivalence toward her lifestyle when her path crosses innocent Gabe's. Worlds collide, lines become blurry, romantic curiosity flickers, and there will not be a middle ground.

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