A Life of Death
A Life of Death: Episode 1
A Life of Death
Books of the Dead, Weston Kincade, James Roy Daley
Welcome to Weston Kincade's A Life of Death series. A coming-of-age, paranormal mystery from a talented storyteller. This is PART ONE of the amazing twelve part series. Here's the synopsis:Homicide detective Alex Drummond is confronted with the past through his son’s innocent question. Alex’s tale of his troubled senior year unfolds revealing loss, drunken abuse, and mysterious visions of murder and demonic children. Is he going insane? With the help of his close friend Paige Kurtley, Alex must find the source of his misfortune and ensure his sanity.“A well written story that flows off the page.”~ Coral Russell, author of Amador Lockdown“Another awesome book by Weston Kincade – a paranormal coming-of-age mystery page turner. I could not put it down… I promise you will not be disappointed with this one.”~ Chantale, Geeky Girl Reviews“A Life of Death is a completely amazing story. Fans of paranormal mystery and suspense stories should enjoy this book. Definitely give it a read as soon as you can!”~ K. Sozaeva, Now is Gone“A Life of Death is my favorite kind of book, characters' emotions are painted in details. It's so vivid and alive I get a sense that Alex, the main character, is a younger version of Weston himself. This book in beautiful in unexpected ways.”~ Helmy Parlente Kusuma, author of There is Hope“A Life of Death is quite simply, absolutely superb. I loved this book, it was an emotional and entertaining journey that had me hooked.”~ David King, An Eclectic Bookshelf“A very good story.” ~ Kathleen Brown, author of The Personal Justice Series“The title drew me in and the novel itself is an experience that should not be left unread.”~ Bruce Blanchard, author of Demon's Daughter“Mr. Kincade did a wonderful job telling this story. The characters are well developed and easy to relate to. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book."~ Christi, Alaskan Book Cafe

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  • Paranormal

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  • Mature Young Adult
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In the story "A Life of Death" by Weston Kincade, the main characters are Jamie and his father Alex. Jamie's simple question to his father about "the most important thing" that has ever happened to his brings back terrible memories about his troubled childhood. Alex and his friend Paige embark on an adventure in order to bring him some peace of mind about the start of all his troubles. Throughout the story Paige, Alex and Jamie run into enemies, both human and not, from his younger years.

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