The Letter Writer
The Letter Writer (Great Episodes)
The Letter Writer
Ann Rinaldi
Eleven-year-old Harriet Whitehead is an outsider in her own family. She feels accepted and important only when she is entrusted to write letters for her blind stepmother. Then Nat Turner, a slave preacher, arrives on her family’s plantation and Harriet befriends him, entranced by his gentle manner and eloquent sermons about an all-forgiving God. When Nat asks Harriet for a map of the county to help him spread the word, she draws it for him—wanting to be part of something important. But the map turns out to be the missing piece that sets Nat’s secret plan in motion and makes Harriet an unwitting accomplice to the bloodiest slave uprising in U.S. history.Award-winning historical novelist Ann Rinaldi has created a bold portrait of an ordinary young girl thrust in to a situation beyond her control.

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  • Historical Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The Letter Writer by Ann Rinaldi is a historical fiction novel. It takes place pre-Civil War, in 1831. The main character, eleven-year-old Harriet, writes letters for her blind stepmother. She feels left out with her strict stepbrother in charge and knowing she will never meet her real parents. This story takes you through the events and Harriet's decisions leading to and after the Nat Turner Slave Rebellion.

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