The Last Magdalene
The Last Magdalene

The Last Magdalene does for the New Testament what The Red Tent did for the Old Testament.

The temple of Asherah has existed in Jerusalem for hundreds of years, disguised as a benevolent society for widows and orphans. Within the sheltering walls, priestesses are taught to honor the goddess through rites of passion passed from mother to daughter and from priestess to priestess. Into this world, Miriam of Bethany, is born.

Miriam longs to become The Magdalene, High Priestess of Asherah, as her mother and grandmother before her, but learns she is to marry an obscure rabbi from Galilee, Yeshua bar Yosef. Determined to control her own life, she runs away and is brutally attacked in the streets of Jerusalem. Broken in body and spirit, she resigns herself to her fate.

Yeshua, hailed as the Messiah, teaches love and acceptance, and places Miriam in the forefront of his followers. Together they find the courage to face the hostility of the priests and the brutality of Roman occupation. But Rome is a power unlike any the world has known, and Rome deals harshly with those who oppose its rule.

The Last Magdalene is an exquisite story of passion and love, and the lasting power of one woman's voice which refuses to be silenced.

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  • Historical Fiction

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Zuar, later called Miriam, is a woman who grew up to live during the tumultuous times of Jesus and the harsh power of Roman rule. She has trained in the order of the Magdalene, a group of priests and priestesses who live to serve the goddesses of Asherah, who is ofttimes not a goddess that the Romans or the Jewish people accepted or followed, but saw more as a whore or false goddess.

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