LaLa and the Unfair Bear
LaLa and the Unfair Bear
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LaLa and Beary cannot seem to escape the shadow of a bear named Cubby. LaLa discovers how to overcome her feelings of envy and jealousy by using the power of gratitude.


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  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

LaLa and the Unfair Bear is a picture book about a girl named LaLa, who is friends with a boy named Dennis. Dennis comes over to play for the first time, and both children have stuffed bears. LaLa's bear is named Beary, and Dennis's bear is named Cubby. LaLa is jealous of Cubby because Cubby is bigger than Beary. Cubby can do things Beary can't do. LaLa's mom teaches LaLa about gratitude, to be appreciative, and to find worth in all that she has.

LaLa and her stuffed bear, Beary, invite Dennis and his stuffed bear over to play. Dennis wants to play catch with the bears, but his bear is a lot bigger than LaLa’s. This is extremely disappointing, and LaLa isn’t sure she wants to play with Beary ever again. Can a lesson in gratitude save the day?

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