The Kulak's Daughter
The Kulak's Daughter
The Kulak's Daughter
Gabriele Goldstone
Olga likes little things - especially the tiny apples in the orchard in the spring, or her baby brother's little toes. But when her family is labeled 'Kulak' and exiled to Siberia, she starts to hate little things - especially the bedbugs that overrun the barrack at night, or the lice that carry the dreaded typhus. Suddenly Olga's little world is overwhelmed by Stalin's big plans.

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  • Historical Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The Kulak's Daughter is about an eleven year old girl named Olga, living in northeastern Europe. She is part of a family of seven, including her father, a successful farmer. Olga is happy with her little life. Unfortunately, Olga's life is turned around when she and her family are shipped to Siberia like plain old livestock. Can someone ever come and save Olga's shrinking family before they all die?

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