The Klaatu Terminus
The Klaatu Terminus (Klaatu Diskos)
The Klaatu Terminus
Pete Hautman
National Book Award winner Pete Hautman weaves several diverging time streams into one satisfying masterwork in this stunning and revelatory series finale. In a far distant future, Tucker Feye and the inscrutable Lia find themselves atop a crumbling pyramid in an abandoned city. In present-day Hopewell, Tucker’s uncle Kosh faces armed resistance and painful memories as he attempts to help a terrorized woman named Emma, who is being held captive by a violent man. And on a train platform in 1997, a seventeen-year-old Kosh is given an instruction that will change his life, and the lives of others, forever. Tucker, Lia, and Kosh must evade the pursuit of maggot-like Timesweeps, battle Master Gheen’s cult of Lambs, all while they puzzle out the enigmatic Boggsians as they search for one another and the secrets of the diskos. Who built them? Who is destroying them? Where — and when — will it all end?

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  • Fiction
  • Science Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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The Klaatu Terminus, the 3rd book in the Klaatu Diskos series written by award winning Pete Hautman is a good strong finish to the series. Based in the future with the odd Boggsians chasing after Kosh, Tucker, Lia, the 3 must find the answers to all the questions.

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Tucker, Lia, and Kosh are coming to the conclusion of their time stopping adventure. Tucker and Lia are reunited in the distant future. They are looking for answers to their questions about the mysterious diskos. Before they can find out anything, they first have to reunite with Kosh in the present day. He also is looking for answers, more specifically, about his rescuer, Emma.

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