Kingdom of the Golden Dragon
Kingdom of the Golden Dragon
Kingdom of the Golden Dragon
Isabel Allende
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Not many months have passed since teenager Alexander Cold followed his bold grand-mother into the heart of the Amazon to uncover its legendary Beast. This time, reporter Kate Cold escorts her grandson and his closest friend, Nadia, along with the photographers from International Geographic, on a journey to another remote niche of the world. Entering a forbidden sovereignty tucked in the frosty peaks of the Himalayas, the team's task is to locate its fabled Golden Dragon, a sacred statue and priceless oracle that can foretell the future of the kingdom. In their scramble to reach the statue before it is destroyed by the greed of an outsider, Alexander and Nadia must use the transcendent power of their totemic animal spirits -- Jaguar and Eagle. With the aid of a sage Buddhist monk, his young royal disciple, and a fierce tribe of Yeti warriors, Alexander and Nadia fight to protect the holy rule of the Golden Dragon. Isabel Allende once again leads readers on a fantastical voyage of suspense, magic, and awe-inspiring adventure in this riveting follow-up to City of the Beasts.

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Soon after Alex Cold gets back from the Amazon, he gets ready for another trip with his grandmother, Nadia Santos, and the rest of the International Geographic team. This time they are going to the Forbidden Kingdom to research their way of life. When they get there they become interested in the Golden Dragon, a statue that supposedly has mystical powers. Soon, Nadia is kidnapped, drawing them into a plot to save Nadia and the Golden Dragon.

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The book, Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, is a sequel to City of the Beasts. Alexander, a boy, Kate, his grandmother, and Nadia, Alex's best friend are all also in this book, along with new characters. It takes place in a country in the middle of the Himalayas called the Kingdom of the Golden Dragon. It is a very peaceful country and people there live like people lived 60 years ago. There is a legend of a prophesizing golden statue, the Golden Dragon, which only the royalty of the kingdom can see.

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