Kid Lit: An Introduction to Literary Criticism
Kid Lit: An Introduction to Literary Criticism
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An award-winning teacher lays out the basic rules of literary criticism in this accessible guide.

Beginning with the elements of the universal coming-of-age narrative, 
“Kid Lit” shows young readers and general readers alike how to recognize story structure, class, gender, symbolism, trauma and Orientalism in children’s narratives.

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  • Mature Young Adult

     Kid Lit: An Introduction to Literary Criticism by Tom Durwood is informative and interesting to read. It begins by briefly defining children’s literature, kid lit for short, and highlights its history. It covers coming-of-age resources well, so plans for future editions include adding information about picture books and some international literature too. The book is divided into three sections. The first clearly summarizes concepts such as identity, gender, social class, trauma, and war as they relate to literary criticism.

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