Kenny and the Book of Beasts
Kenny and the Book of Beasts

What can come between two best friends?

Time has passed since Kenny Rabbit’s last adventure with his best friend, the legendary dragon Grahame, and a lot has changed in the sleepy village of Roundbrook.

For starters, Kenny has a whole litter of baby sisters. His friends are at different schools and Sir George is off adventuring.

At least Kenny still has his very best friend, Grahame. That’s before Dante arrives. Dante is a legendary manticore and an old friend of Grahame’s. Old friends spend a lot of time catching up. And that catching up does not involve Kenny.

But there’s a Witch to defeat, a pal to rescue, and a mysterious book to unlock. And those are quests for best friends, not old friends. Right?

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  • Animals
  • Fiction
  • Humor
  • Special

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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This story begins with Kenny Rabbit, his best friend (Grahame), and his siblings. The fair is in town, and the creatures explore it together. There is some rivalry between the siblings, but luckily Grahame the dragon intervenes. Sir George returns to town, and Kenny is very excited about this. As these two characters are catching up with one another, Sir George offers Kenny the key to his book store because he is moving onto a better job in the castle. Kenny wants to spend as much time as possible with Sir George before he starts his new job so he travels to the kingdom with him.

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“Kenny and the Book of Beasts” is a fairytale of mythical creatures and forest animals. The reader follows Kenny Rabbit in his adventures: having fun with his dragon-friend (Grahame), visiting castles, squabbles with siblings, and even an encounter with a witch-like opossum and a Manticore! The overall theme of the story is that sometimes good can come from change, including friendships. The illustrations are delightful, and the story gives cozy and magical vibes. This would be a great story for any young reader aged 10-12.
10 months 1 week ago

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