Ken Karta: Battle of the Onoxmon
Ken Karta: Battle of the Onoxmon
Les Polinko, Alison Kartevold, Susan Mary Malone
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In KenKarta, all are expected to develop their Gifts. But to stand against an army from the edge of the Abyss, cheetatarah, equidae, stable boy and Princesses alike must now rely on their Gifts to survive. Get ready. With the help of her daughters, this author has created a spectacular fantasy world where-in tweens and teens will revel.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Princesses Sophie and Veronica live in the castle in KenKarta, located on Virtier. Above Virtier are the Upper Tiers, where magical creatures live. In the Lower Tiers, the evil creatures are imprisoned. In KenKarta Veronica and Sophie spend their time playing, studying, and learning to use their Gifts. (Gifts are a little like magic powers but not quite the same.) Sophie, Veronica, Queen Alison, and King Dale make up a very happy family. But all that changes when Alison is stuck on an entirely different tier, Dale is being held and tortured who knows where, and Sophie is kidnapped!

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This book revolves around two different plots. That of the captured princess, Sophia, and the rescue efforts of her sister Veronica, the stable boy Zane, and her Equitier (horse) Dalminyo. This trio has to rescue Sophia from the evil dark lord Leamoldae and his rather grumpy dragon. They also have to find the Onoxmon, the most powerful piece in the universe, and return it to their father, who is one of the only people on the teir who can control its power.

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