The Keep in the Marsh: Escaping Dragons Book 1
The Keep in the Marsh: Escaping Dragons Book 1

A village blacksmith from the middle of nowhere, Thomas seeks adventure after surviving a plague that eradicated his homeland. Following his father’s advice and heading east, Thomas finds himself entwined in a surge of attacks by a thieves’ guild knows as Neydis. Similarly lost adventurers soon join him along the Queen's Road, and they set their sights on breaking through the grasp of Neydis and finding "safe" adventure in dungeons without any dragons. Thomas and his group may be reckless, but they aren't stupid. Who would knowingly mess with a dragon?

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  • Fantasy

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  • Mature Young Adult
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After the plague took Thomas's parents, he knew he had to leave behind the village of his old life and his parents' death. He takes his parents' advice and heads east, hoping to start a new life while keeping his parents' legacies in his heart. However, he soon becomes part of an attack from a thieves group known as Neydis. He meets other travelers in a similar position, and together they come up with a plan. They want to find adventure... with dragons. Everyone knows dragons are dangerous, but is it a risk that Thomas is willing to take to start his new life?
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