The Kazillion Wish
Kazillion Wish
The Kazillion Wish
Nick Place
From a fresh and funny debut author comes a warm-hearted, laugh-out-loud adventure about a brother and sister who must solve a magical riddle in order to get their fondest wish.Harlan and Ainsley Banana are on a mission. An exciting, dangerous, once-in-a-lifetime quest for the perfect stepmom to cheer up their sad dad. Harlan and Ainsley bump into a wish-granting creature called a frongle (not ever to be confused with a fairy!), & they learn that their wish can come true if they solve a magical riddle. With a rainbow-colored creature named Zucchini Spacestation as their unreliable guide, the brother and sister head off. But help from unexpected allies --- such as a pair of purple martian twins -- might just make Harlan and Ainsley's wish come true after all!

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Harlan Banana, an 11 year-old boy and his 7 year- old sister Ainsley have divorced parents. What starts as a normal day on the beach for the two, turns into a dangerous quest after they meet a frongle, a hard-working, fairylike creature. At the beach, Ainsley Banana makes a wish upon a dandelion, which then allows the siblings to make another wish. After much consideration, they choose to wish for an also-mom. This woman would keep their lonely dad happy. Unfortunately, this wish is known as a Kazillion Wish and it is unable to be granted without completing some tasks first.

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