Juniper Kai: Super Spy
Juniper Kai: Super Spy

Juniper Kai was born to be a spy. And while spies sometimes work alone, Juniper has always been able to count on her mom and dad to fill in as spy partners. Until now. Suddenly, Juniper’s parents are too busy and too tired to play with her. And when they start whispering behind Juniper’s back and making secret plans, she knows something really big is going on. So Juniper sets out on a new mission: to find out exactly what her parents are up to. And the answer might be absolutely spy-tacular!

Book Details


  • Adventure
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8


Juniper Kai: Super Spy is a short, cute book about a girl named Juniper. Juniper was born to be a spy, and she has been doing spy work since as long as she can remember. But being the only kid on the street makes it so she has no friends to play with, but her parents always played with her. One day her parents stopped playing spy with her. Her dad was too busy, and her mom was too tired. Soon Juniper notices that her parents are whispering to each other, and Juniper feels a bit excluded. This cute and funny story shows Juniper the biggest mission of her life yet!

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