Jumper: Griffin's Story
Jumper: Griffin's Story
Jumper: Griffin's Story
Steven Gould
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Griffin has a secret. It's a secret that he's sworn to his parents to keep, and never tell. Griffin is a Jumper: a person who can teleport to any place he has ever been.  The first time was when he was five, and his parents crossed an ocean to protect the secret. The most important time was when he was nine. That was the day that the men came to his house and murdered his parents. Griffin knows that the men were looking for him, and he must never let them find him. Griffin grows up with only two goals: to survive, and to kill the people who want him dead. And a Jumper bent on revenge is not going to let anything stand in his way. Jumper, based on Steven Gould's earlier novel of the same name, will be a  major motion picture scheduled for release by 20th Century Fox starring Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell and Samuel L. Jackson, and directed by Doug Limon.  Jumper: Griffin's Story features the character played by Jamie Bell in the film. 

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  • 12 and up
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Jumper: Griffin's Story is a story about a boy with the ability to teleport anywhere that he has been. Griffin's parents are killed by people who are still out to kill him. What can he do to survive when he discovers his enemies are 'sensitive' and can feel where and when he teleports? Griffin has to fight for his life and friends lives that he encounters during his journey. This story is an action-packed page turner with romance and one important mystery. Why are these people trying to kill Griffin O'Conner?

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Griffin O'Connor is completely normal in all respects - except that he can instantly teleport to any place he has visited before. When he was five, he accidentally "jumped." Since then, his life has never been the same. A group of men is out to kill him, and he and his parents move around a lot. He learns to control his jumps. One day, when he was nine, he flinched away from a bully at school - all the way home. That night, some men came to his house. They murdered his parents, but he jumped away. These men could sense whenever he jumped within a certain radius of him.

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