Journey to the Kingdom of No Return
Journey to the Kingdom of No Return
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Desperate to extend his shelf life which has come to an end, Little Book strikes a deal with the Space-arrangers: Complete a daring rescue of Sci-Fi action hero Luke Shelfwalker whose gone missing on the dark side. Then, he’ll have shelf space in the bookstore for as long as he wants.
But the kid’s desire to remain in the bookstore may be his ultimate undoing for the dark side is inhabited by the enemies of books (a.k.a. the marauders). They don’t care about deals; they care about eliminating their enemies—and they’ve set their sights on Little Book. Will he escape their clutches, or is he destined to become yet another unsolved mystery.

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  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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All eras must come to an end eventually. Little Book is at the height of his power. As an international bestseller and bookstore celebrity, it seems he can do no wrong. However, when he’s suddenly informed of being moved to the half-off clearance rack, everything changes from red carpet walks and dewy-eyed admirers to the prospect of dusty, crowded shelves musty with sunlight. As the bookstore sheriff Ranger Depth cheerfully explains, it is the beginning of the end.


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Life is going well for Little Book. He's an international bestseller, and all the other books at the bookstore love him. However, he receives some very upsetting news: he is being moved to the musty shelves in the sales aisle. But Little Book is not ready to leave his fame so quickly, and he strikes a deal with Ranger Depth, the bookstore sheriff. The celebrity of the bookstore, Luke Shelfwalker, has gone missing, suspected to have been abducted by the dark side. If Little Book can survive going to the video game aisles and rescues Luke Shelfwalker, he will receive eternal Shelf Life.

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