Jeremy and the Witches Medallion
Jeremy and the Witches Medallion

A present day boy from London, England is handed down a family heirloom from his mom only to see a Magpie bird steal and fly off with it. By chance Jeremy finds himself transported back in time to the seventeenth century where he embarks on a magical journey throughout England, Wales and Scotland. On his journey he discovers that his abilities are endless as he makes friends with a variety of animals while learning he can communicate with them. A strong bond is formed and the pack decides to accompany Jeremy and help him retrieve the family heirloom.

Book Details


  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

It's 1612, and accused witches are constantly being hanged. After the Pankenham family purchases the land of one of those hanged witches, they discover a box of old coins and a medallion. They are able to sell the coins and end up keeping the medallion. Back in the present day, Jeremy is handed down an old family medallion as a birthday gift. Jeremy is a 17-year-old in the United Kingdom, living a relatively normal life. But after touching a magical feather, he is transported back in time with his medallion.

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