The Jellies and The Crunchers
The Jellies and The Crunchers

The Jellies and The Crunchers deals with a community that is sharply divided on how to act, dress, think, and what to eat. There is a great conflict in the community and an even greater resolution led by a brave little girl who brings the community together.

Book Details


  • For Reluctant Readers
  • Humor
  • Inspirational
  • Special

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

The crunchers like crunchy crackers, and the jellies like sticky jelly. The crunchers don't like the jellies, and the jellies don't like the crunchers. The jellies don't want to try crackers because they think they are to crunchy. The crunchers don't want to try jelly because it's to sticky. This causes a fight.

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