Jawbreaker: Unlock the (U)niverse
Jawbreaker - Unlock the (U)niverse
Jawbreaker: Unlock the (U)niverse
You have created yourself every second since the day you were born. Bit by bit, layer by layer. You are a million moments. You are your gift to the world. You are a jawbreaker.This exciting new non-fiction book for young adults is a guide to exploring who you are, and deciding who you want to be. Get ready to:- Find and fuel your fizzing center spark.- Tune in to personal guidance techniques.- Unleash your absolute uniqueness.- Develop a cutting edge brand from scratch.- And so much more!Packed with tools and jewels to navigate the new world, Jawbreaker: Unlock the (U)niverse (17,000 words) will let you build on your strengths, and show you your story in a whole new way.It’s time to uncover the world’s best kept secret: You.

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  • Nonfiction

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  • 12 and up
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Jawbreaker: Unlock the (U)niverse is a short self-help book that focuses on teaching self-love, confidence and self-awareness in 9 steps. The author, Jolene Stockman, compares each individual to a jawbreaker- made up of many complex layers that they have assembled throughout their lives.Using visualization, muscle testing, and extended metaphors, readers work to figure out who they are, what they want from life, and how they plan to get there. The book is part pep-talk and part advice, and uses funny anecdotes from the author's personal life to illuminate each step. 

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