It's Simple You See
It's Simple You See

In a land where all the polar bears are white, a young polar bear who happens to be orange is shunned by all the others. He finally finds a friend in a small white polar bear who gets ignored because of his short stature. 

The two outcasts accept each other's differences in spite of the pressure around them. When dangerous weather threatens, they get through it together and all the bears learn a lesson about friendship and caring.

This simple, clear allegory, It IS Simple You See, offers a touching and vital message to children of all ages. Delightfully illustrated by W. Jones, these two young polar bears teach everyone that differences don't matter.

Book Details


  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

It is Simple You See is a heartwarming picture book that follows the life of a little orange bear among other white polar bears. The story begins with the little orange bear crying in his habitat because no other little white polar bears want to play with him. However, this idea is not stemming from the little white polar bears, but rather, their parents are apprehensive about the little orange bear’s differences.

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