It's Just A Penny
It's Just A Penny
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In It's Just a Penny, young readers learn about the money we use every day.

An easy and fun read for a beginners look at money with some basic math lessons adding up to the worth of money.

"It's all just dollars and cents." 

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  • Educational
  • Nonfiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Gerald Ruhoy’s It’s Just a Penny is an informational text about American money. To begin, the reader is introduced to each type of coin and paper money, along with their values, various names, and the faces that can be found on them. The author then shows conversions for each bill of paper money to coins and smaller bills. The information is conveyed through stick figures and speech bubbles, as well as bullet points.

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It's Just a Penny is a picture book that teaches young readers about money! The book starts by showing the different coins and bills we have in the US. Then, each bill and coin's value is explained, and the value is shown using other bills or coins. For example, a nickel is equal to 5 pennies. The book ends with explaining the smallest value coin we have - the penny! It explains how the penny is worth 1 cent, and how it costs more to make a penny than the value of a penny. Finally, the book gives a short Money Quiz for readers to check their new knowledge about money!
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