Invasion of the Ortaks: Brutal Force (Book 4)
Invasion of the Ortaks:  Book 4 Brutal Force
Invasion of the Ortaks: Brutal Force (Book 4)
War rages across Esthopia as the Ortaks threatens to overrun and destroy all who stand against them. In an attempt to conquer Eniktronia, King Anton of Antonia crosses the Bending Pass with his army and lays siege to Borg Castle, not knowing his lands are being raided by the Ortaks. Led by General Akhtar, with reinforcements from Orknia, the invader's brutal armies cross the Great River and attack Rutan City and Crystal City. Meanwhile, the heroes of Esthopia do what they can to turn the tide of war, and Tania crosses the River of Wisdom to convince the barbarians to get involved. At the same time, Queen Egny makes her way with her army from Serpenia into Montania and Eniktronia. She seeks to reclaim her throne at Eniktronia Castle. Decimated and scattered, the army of Antonia readies itself and makes a stand against the Ortaks. While in Alfheim, they prepare for the biggest threat ever to be seen from the Underworld.This is the fourth book in the Esthopia Sagas.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Series
  • Special

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  • 12 and up
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The battle continues in the next book of the Invasion of the Ortaks series. Join the characters you've read about in the previous books as they fight to overcome the wicked Ortaks. The humans and elves fight to survive in this next installment. Will they win the battle or die trying? Read to find out!

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