Infinity: The World of Darkness
Infinity: The World of Darkness

War! Bloodshed! Chaos! In the thrilling third book of the Infinity series, the Infinity Corps continues the battle against tyrant Tarvin Genesis. Infinity Corps agents Jack and Anne Stone raise their two teenage children, Neil and Nicole, while they struggle to protect the five powerful Infinity Diamonds. When dark forces and demons invade Earth, Neil must join the effort to protect the Infinity Diamonds. The team embarks on a quest to call upon their allies across the galaxy. Neil discovers who he really is as he plays a key role in the war against Tarvin and the coming of the Soul Lord, Valaden. Will Neil and the others be able to save Earth and stop Tarvin from bringing about the resurrection of his master? This book is action-packed with demons, double crosses, and thrilling fights. (from

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  • Adventure
  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Infinity: The World of Darkness by Tejas Mathai is a fiction book full of fun characters and suspense.  Following up the second book in the series, Jack and Anne’s children, Neil and Nicole, become part of the Infinity Corps.  The Infinity Corps are a group that is formed from people across the galaxy.  When Tarvin, one of the enemies of the Infinity Corps, comes back with allies, the Infinity Corps are called into action.  They must protect Earth from Tarvin’s attacks while also keeping the Infinity Diamonds safe.  Will the Infinity Corps succ

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