Infinity 7: War of Gods (Book 2)
Infinity 7: War of Gods (Book 2)


With the disappearance of Blurr, Paladin, the leader of the Capes, is still reeling in a state of emotional turmoil, wondering if or when he will ever be reunited with his first true love, while Thief has once again gone missing, hopeful of salvaging the last remnant of what he calls family. To make things worse, the Majesties of Canaan were recently attacked and separated by a new, powerful team of evil Super-Normals, leaving only Slaycik and Tenan to pick up the pieces and find their friends. Off-world obligations have Menzuo and the Solar Warriors preoccupied with finding Princess Amiata, which has lessened Earth's defenses, weakening the strength of the newly yet unnamed team of Super-Normals to defend the planet against an advancing imposing threat. Enter Stratus: A Space Pirate with unadulterated superpowers and an even more sinister ego to match, hellbent on harnessing enough power to become a god, enslaving the entire universe. But after connecting with Princess Amiata and receiving grave news of Stratus' existence and whereabouts, Menzuo and his team are determined to help the Capes prepare for the oncoming assault. To do so, they will all have to muster every ounce of power they possess, rally the entire planet to their cause, and pray that it is enough to save the souls of every being on Earth.

Will this makeshift team of superheroes be able to withstand this threat, or will this be the moment that the entire universe is plunged into chaos and utter darkness?

Infinity 7:Book 2 Gods Among Men is the thrilling culmination of the 18-book and 5-comic Dark Spores series of stories in the CMPDSU.

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  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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Infinity 7: War of Gods (Book 2) is the jam-packed conclusion to the long Dark Spores series. This novel focuses on all of the characters we have come to know and love from the past books and throws some new characters our way to spice up the story. The Capes, the Majesties, the Solar Warriors, and some new heroes must team up once again if they want to have any chance of saving this universe against the new threat – Stratus.

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