The Infects
The Infects
The Infects
Sean Beaudoin
A feast for the brain, this gory and genuinely hilarious take on zombie culture simultaneously skewers, pays tribute to, and elevates the horror genre.Seventeen-year-old Nero is stuck in the wilderness with a bunch of other juvenile delinquents on an "Inward Trek." As if that weren’t bad enough, his counselors have turned into flesh-eating maniacs overnight and are now chowing down on his fellow miscreants. As in any classic monster flick worth its salted popcorn, plentiful carnage sends survivors rabbiting into the woods while the mindless horde of "infects" shambles, moans, and drools behind. Of course, these kids have seen zombie movies. They generate "Zombie Rules" almost as quickly as cheeky remarks, but attitude alone can’t keep the biters back. Serving up a cast of irreverent, slightly twisted characters, an unexpected villain, and an ending you won’t see coming, here is a savvy tale that that’s a delight to read — whether you’re a rabid zombie fan or freshly bitten — and an incisive commentary on the evil that lurks within each of us.

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  • Paranormal

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Nick is a fairly normal seventeen-year boy; that is, until an accident at work gets him arrested. The sentence: 90 days on a wilderness trek with other juvenile delinquents. While camping in the woods, the newly christened "Nero" and the other participants are thrust into what looks like the beginnings of a horror movie: their counselors have turned into flesh-eating zombies. Nero and the boys are on the run, and as long as they follow the Rules of the Zombie Apocalypse, they might be able to make it out alive.

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After Nick "Nero" Sole is sent on an "Inward Trek" with a bunch of other delinquents, his counselors start attacking each other - much like a monster movie come to life.

They've seen the movies; all they have to do is follow the rules - as long as they survive. Now, with a horde of "Infects" right on their heels, the delinquents must manage to find a way out. This seems a simple enough task, but not when the horde is continuously multiplying.

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