Housie Mousie and The Big Cheese
Housie Mousie and The Big Cheese

"Housie Mousie and Ratty Rat, two adventurous rodents living in a barn boot, embark on a thrilling journey to participate in The Big Cheese Race, a prestigious event in the Cotswolds. Along the way, they befriend a cast of animal characters, including beavers and a mischievous dog, while uncovering a plot to steal the coveted Big Cheese. With courage and teamwork, they thwart the thieves and share their winnings with their newfound friends, ensuring a happy ending filled with friendship and cheese."

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  • Animals

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Housie Mousie and her friend Ratty set off on an adventure to find The Big Cheese Festival, and along the way, they meet some new animal friends. The beavers come to their rescue more than once and are an endearing group of friends, always there for Housie and Ratty just when they need them. They also make friends with Amy and Sam's little dog, Robin. Amy and Sam are the children who live in the old farmhouse just down the way from Housie and Ratty. Amy and Sam often help the brave rodents by giving them food and helping them survive on their adventures.

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