The Horrible Bag of Terrible Things
The Horrible Bag of Terrible Things
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When Zenith finds a strange, unsettling bag at his front door, he's not sure where it came from or who sent it to him. He knows better than to expect his overprotective older sister Apogee to help him figure it out, because ever since she turned thirteen, she's been acting more like a parent to him than a sibling. But he certainly did not expect for a horrifying spiderlike creature to emerge from the bag, kidnap Apogee, and drag her inside to the equally horrifying and unsettling world of GrahBhag. 

Zenith sets off into the bag to bring her back but soon finds a bizarre realm where malicious forests, a trio of blood-drinking mouths, and a sentient sawdust-stuffed giant are lurking within the seams. And from every corner of the world come whispers of the Great Wurm, an eldritch horror with a godlike hold over the creatures of GrahBhag, who seems to have a dark, insidious purpose for Apogee. With the help of a greedy, earwax-nibbling gargoyle, Zenith will have to save Apogee from the Great Wurm and help them both escape the horrible bag before it's too late. 

With a combination of dry, absurdist humor and no-holds-barred horror, Rob Renzetti has crafted a delightfully imaginative fantasy world that will hook readers as surely as it will send chills down their spines.

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  • For Reluctant Readers
  • Horror
  • Humor
  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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The Horrible Bag of Terrible Things by Rob Renzetti is a dark fantasy tale that follows Zenith and his older sister, Apogee, and their encounter with a mysterious bag. When a creature suddenly emerges from the bag and drags Apogee along with it back to its depths, it’s up to Zenith to brave the shadows and take back his sister from the clutches of the creature. Entering the grim world of GrahBhag, Zenith’s journey puts him face-to-face with gargoyles who much on earwax, a cloth-man who just wants to make friends, talking ravens that guard knowledge, and the terrible Great Wurm.

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What would you do if you found a mysterious bag at your front door? Of course, you would be curious as to what is inside the bag. Before you think of what to do, why don't we read about a young boy who finds a strange bag and decides to take it inside his house. This is The Horrible Bag Of Terrible Things written by Rob Renzetti. Zenith, a young boy who was left under the care of his older sister Apogee, found a bag at his front door. He wondered who could have dropped it as he takes it inside to examine it.

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