Honor and Obligation
Honor and Obligation

This is the second book in the Hunter's Moon Universe. After March saved Kidahin's shipmates from sure death, he was asked to be their Warleader. All well and good until they reach Kidahin's homeward where Marsch must prove himself to be worthy. And he must do it on a world he has no experience with.

An unknown jungle on a foreign planet can be a dangerous place with menacing creatures all around; creatures that could spell doom for an unsuspecting solider. It can be even more treacherous without weapons. Add total nakedness and the possibility of survival almost vanishes. Yet if Delwyn Marsch is forced to go through the Adulthood Ceremony of his newly adopted world, this is what he faces.

Surely Kidahin's clan will accept Delwyn's adulthood status but what if they don't? How can she protect her Warleader, Delwyn, from all the pitfalls he may face during this ceremony without violating this ritual? She needs a plan and fast.

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  • Science Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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What do you think it would be like to be the only human in the midst of aliens of the opposite gender? Before you think of an answer to that question, why don't we dive into this captivating piece written by David Michael Martin. Honor and Obligation is about a group of aliens traveling across space to their home. They are females, mostly warriors, and along with them is a human, a man named Delwyn, who saved a shipmate from death. While on this ship, the female aliens made sure they guarded this human who they wanted as their war leader.

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