Here Lies Linc
Here Lies Linc
Here Lies Linc
Delia Ray
When 12-year-old Linc Crenshaw decides he wants to go to public school, his professor mom isn't so happy with the idea. He's convinced it will be the ticket to a new social life. Instead, it's a disaster when his mom shows up at their field trip to the local cemetery to lecture them on gravestones, and Linc sees her through his fellow-students' eyes. He's convinced his chances at a social life are over until a cemetery-related project makes him sought-after by fellow students he's not so sure he wants as friends, helps him make a new, genuine friend, and brings to light some information about his family that upends his world.Delia Ray has written a funny, heartfelt story about a lonely kid and his mother as they ultimately cope with the grief left behind from his dad's death, and along the journey find new ways to connect with each other, and their community.

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  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Linc was named after his father. His father was dead. His mother researched and worked on graveyards. Linc used to follow her around. He kept a little book of funny or interesting thing people would put on their headstones. He always wondered why his father had nothing good on his headstone. He felt that it wasnt fair that his father only had his name and his years he had been alive on his stone. Then, Linc starts at a new school and everyone there thinks he is a loser. And, without realizing it, his mother is the guide for his school field trip to a graveyard.

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